Latvijas Ārstu rehabilitologu asociācija

VIII Baltic & North Sea Congress on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (BNCPRM 2024)

When the Baltic & North Sea Forum on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (BNF-PRM) was founded, the exchange of knowledge and experience in the countries of the region that have been divided by the so-called Iron Curtain for more than 50 years, was in the center of activities and a special profile for conferences was developed. Additionally, educational courses have been organized and the development in neighboring countries like Ukraine was supported by several activities.

Due to restrictions to meet during the COVID-pandemic and maybe also due to the progressing alignment of rehabilitation services, the activities of the BNF-PRM slightly decreased. However, a very successful conference was organized in June 2022 in Tartu (Estonia).

The invasion of the Russian army into Ukrainian territory changed the political balance and the life situation dramatically. Military activities cause a high number of severe physical injuries and mental trauma, both in military people and in civilians. Infrastructure is destroyed without excluding hospitals and medical centers. Furthermore, the growing communication and collaboration of rehabilitation experts in all countries of the regions was interrupted in many aspects.